Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We understand that choosing a Nursery for your child is a big decision. We are here to support you with that. We know that this may be the first step in your child’s educational journey and they may have not been left with anyone outside of the family. We strongly believe that children need to feel happy and safe to get the most benefit from being at school therefore at Oasis Blakenhale Nursery we have developed transition support to ease some of these worries and concerns. During the term before your child starts at the Nursery, you will receive information along with photos of the Nursery and the staff. You will then receive a home visit. This is when your child’s teacher will come and visit yourself and your child at home. This enables us to gather information about your child and introduce ourselves in a space that the child feels safe and comfortable in. Following this your child will be invited to attend the Nursery for a play session. This is a time where you are your child can come and visit the Nursery and staff together.

In the first week, your child will begin with shorter sessions that gradually build. This allows them to get used to the staff and setting before beginning their full three hour sessions.

Once your child is settled within the Nursery, they will be allocated a key person. This will be one of the Nursery members of staff who your child will work with on a regular basis. The children will also be placed in a family group. This is a small group of children that all have the same key person. They will work within this family group on a daily basis. Having a key person allows the children and parents to build a strong connection with adults. It also enables you to communicate easily and regularly with yours child’s key person to discuss progress, development, next steps in learning and any other worries or concerns you may have.