Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Blakenhale Infants every child has the chance to access a variety of enriching experiences from Nursery through to Year 2. We build this into day-to-day lessons but also through organising special events, day trips, visitors and family events. 

One of our key enrichment programmes is our Sport and PE programme. We employ highly trained sports coaches, who support pupils in early physcial development (Gross Motor Skills) and fitness in EYFS.  This includes developing key skills in a range of sports which are then built upon throughout key stage 1.  

We also organise whole school enrichment afternoons, which are exciting ways to get our pupils interested in and inspired by the world around them. Building new skills we aim to help our children gain a better understanding of how to be in the wider world. Some examples of our most successful enrichment events are:

  • Athletic skills
  • Racquet skills
  • Gymnastics
  • Team sports
  • Dance