Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Blakenhale we believe that learning should be a journey of discovery and excitement at all stages. Therefore we aim to provide challenging and engaging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Each child will have their own path to walk, their own journey, and we want to ensure that our curriculum and everyday teaching reflects this, so that everyone can end the year feeling like they are confident in their achievements and progress. 



As part of our broader based curriculum, we offer an enrichment programme to ensure the children have the opportunity at a young age to experience creative, physical and vocational skills that can serve to help them to determine -   
Who am I?  Where am I going? 
One of the key drivers behind our enrichment programme is our understanding of our pupils (past and present) which has lead us to want to passionately break down the barriers they face in our immediate community and have a sense of drive and purpose to be the best version of themselves and to think about what they can achieve in life - here, now and in the future.   
The Blakenhale curriculum and enrichment programme deliberately sets out to help pupils build their cultural, social skills and capital by guaranteeing them key experiences.  It also aims to be great fun and provide unforgettable learning that will stay with our pupils for a lifetime. 

Seeing is truly believing.  Our pupils can confidently and eloquently explain what their curriculum means to them.  They are passionate learners that are starting to decide their career goals for the future – now!

Our curriculum

Here are the curriculum topics that we cover each half-term: 




Year 1

     Year 2

Autumn 1:


My Family and Me

Marvellous me!

This is me!

Everyday Heroes

Autumn 2:


Who can help me?

People who help us

Spring 1:


Yummy in my tummy


Splendid skies!


Bright lights, big cities


Spring 2:


Let’s explore

Let’s discover

Summer 1:


Once upon a time

Story detectives

Paws, claws and whiskers


Around the World in 80 days


Summer 2:


Jungle journey


Find out more about these topics below.



Year 1

Year 2